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TLAP derives their stronger, harder, longer philosophy from the experiences of its founder Roger W. Brown, Jr. former NFL Athlete and Super Bowl Champion. A professional athlete embodies the discipline and mental strength needed to thrive in competition, TLAP uses this as the basis for their highly effective method; a unique blend of plyometrics, aerobics and low-weight/ high-rep weight training, designed to bring out your inner athlete.

Intense one-on-one sessions with a TLAP Trainer are customized for your needs designed to evolve and grow as you do. Clients of all fitness levels will be challenged to improve their mental and physical endurance with every session, as TLAP trainers have perfected the art of learning what an individual needs to reach their potential. A good trainer will give you a good work out, a TLAP trainer will help you change your life!

In addition all TLAP trainers are certified professionals constantly studying new, exciting trends and incorporating them into their sessions, bringing you the best the fitness industry has to offer. Whether the goal is to lose inches, build muscle or train for a competitive event - TLAP will help you make it happen!

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Washington, DC 20036 | PH: 202 285-6412

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